How To Restore The Lost Data Sim Card

Without the simcard in the phone, we can not send sms, call, or make Internet browsing activity. Do you know if the sim card also has other functions? Simcard can serve as a small memory that can store contacts (phone book) and sms. Perhaps many are not aware of this. If there is data such as vital deleted sms, how do we restore it?

The first thing you need is a simcard reader. Simcard reader as a card reader, only this one specific to the simcard. You can buy it at stores or borrow a friend. Do not forget to install the drivers from your simcard reader. If not, then simcard reader not readable by the computer. After that, download Sim Card Data Recovery software. You can download it . If you already download it, please install the software on your laptop or computer.

First appearance as the picture above. Then click the Connect button, and select the port where the simcard reader you are.


If you have, the software will take data from sim card, wait a while, if the process has been completed, then the form PLEASE WAIT will disappear by itself. After this you can see a deleted sms, simply click the SMS button. Hopefully these tips useful for you.

download it here.

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